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At ClickPortals, we believe every business requires different levels of service. For this reason, we invite you to get in touch with us for a free quote. We also offer commission payments but can only be discussed over the phone. For all available options and an accurate quote please get in touch with us.
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Service Estimates

Although every business is different and requires different levels of attention, there are some tasks that we do for most business to ensure a high level of service. Below we have listed the average costs for these tasks. Please be aware that the prices below are not fixed and vary based on your needs.

Set-Up Fee

For every new business we take on there is a set-up fee. The set-up fee varies based on the amount of set-up required for the business. Some of the things included in the set-up fee are; Niche Research, Avatar Research, Funnel Set-Up, Ad Fee.

Facebook Ads

Once the set-up is complete we begin to create your ads, using our in-house ad tailoring method, ensuring the ad is specifically tailored to your business. We monitor the ads on a daily basis to optimize and adjust your ad to ensure the best results possible.

Lead Management

Our approach to lead management is quite unique. This is a bonus service that helps you transform the leads from your Facebook ads into sales. We do this by managing your autoresponders and creating high converting sales pitches.